Who Am I?

As I think about what I should write to introduce myself, I realize that talking about myself is sometimes the hardest and most intimidating thing I’ve talked about but here goes. Raised as a farm kid in a small, rural community in New York (not the city!) I quickly learned that farming and agriculture were going to be part of my life for a long time to come. Growing up as a farmer’s daughter, alongside my two sisters, was the greatest blessing I could have ever been given in life.


Growing up in a small town you tend to spend most of your time trying to get away and me, well, I did exactly that and the result was a deeper appreciation for what I had as a kid in small town USA. I was taught life lessons each day on the farm, had a roof over my head, a loving family, clothes on my back and food on the table every day. I had everything going for me but I still yearned for more so after college, along the roller coaster ride known as life, I left town. I hit the road and traveled the country, lived in other states, tried to become the “farm girl turned city girl” that you only read about in books. I tried my hand at a few jobs that introduced me to some amazing people, talented and creative teams and unbelievable advocates for agriculture across the country. One thing that I learned was that I was trying to fit in when deep down, I knew I was born to stand out.

When my dream job became a glimmer in my eye, I jumped at the opportunity and realized it was time to go home. Time to pack my bags (yet again), load the u-haul and head back to the place I once tried so hard to leave – the place where everyone knows your name.  So here I am, living out my dream at the young age of 32 as an ag-vocate for the agriculture industry. Through this blog I hope to share some inspiration, stories from traveling the country, motivation and simply acknowledge those that have supported me and pushed me along the way. My life hasn’t been easy but it sure has been memorable.