2018 vs. 2017 – Success or Work in Progress?

One year ago I sat down and thought about making goals for myself for the upcoming year and much to my surprise, I sat down tonight and reflected on those goals and I actually accomplished some of them. What are your goals for the New Year?

2017 Goals

  1. Become more confident in my own skin – it’s a work in progress
  2. Increase my savings account – not by much, but it’s a work in progress.
  3. Drive a tractor – thanks to an open field and a patient and persistent best friend.
  4. Stay credit card debt free – I must have been dreaming when I made this goal!
  5. Stand up for myself a little bit more – again, a work in progress but it felt good to get a little more confident.
  6. Become stronger physically and mentally – I focused on the mental part in 2017. Physical is 2018.
  7. Tell someone exactly how I feel – even though the end result wasn’t what I was expecting, confidence played a key role here and I’m happy I got it off my chest.
  8. Go on an epic road trip – Baseball!
  9. Spend a little more time determining friends vs. acquaintances and focus on what and who is most important – yes, and it felt great! Still more to do here, though.
  10. Continue to challenge my comfort zone – yes, and while it’s frustrating, I know it’s worth it.
  11. Write a personal blog post at least once a month – nope, but it’s another challenge this year.
  12. Connect with and thank a few people from my past than challenged me to get to where I am today personally and professionally – yes, and it felt great to say a simple thank you to those who matter.


2018 Goals

  1. Become physically stronger and healthier
  2. Stay credit card debt free (I’m well on my way!)
  3. Increase my savings account.
  4. Get a picture of my dad and I in front of a glacier in Alaska.
  5. Continue to fall in love with what I do every day and who I am.
  6. Unpack the boxes in my closets
  7. Donate unused clothes that don’t fit and that I don’t wear anymore
  8. Visit 5 friends in their hometowns for lunch or a visit on their farm
  9. Go on another road trip!
  10. Make a difference to someone or something.

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