Celebrate Love, Everyday

I was recently sorting through some old pictures and came across this gem. And while it may not be their favorite, it is one of my favorites. It came before marriage, kids and before we all learned that reality isn’t perfect. As the world celebrated their loved ones yesterday, I can’t help but celebrate these two today. It’s not their anniversary and it’s not their birthday. But it is another day that they continue to show love for each other, their family, their friends and most importantly, The One who made all of it possible. I don’t think we spend enough time in our lives thanking those around us. We tend to focus so much on ourselves and the love we have for one significant other that we tend to forget about those that taught us how to love ourselves, each other and the world around us. These two are the epitome of what true love is. Their life isn’t perfect and they will be the first to admit it but despite the imperfections and the pitfalls in the rollercoaster ride of life, love and faith win every time. So on this random Wednesday, here’s to you, Derrick and Nicole. May true love, compassion and kindness appear in your life today, tomorrow and always. xoxo


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