Farm Life – It Never Gets Old

Have you ever loved something so much but didn’t know it until you lost it or didn’t have it quite so much in your life anymore? That’s the way I feel about farm life. You see, to most people I’ve always been a farm kid, born and raised on the farm and it’s been part of my life and in my blood since I was born. But what most people don’t know is that when I initially went to college, I wanted nothing to do with farming, agriculture or the people that were in that industry. Needless to say, it only took 2 weeks of being away from it to know that I missed it and needed that part of my life back.

In life, we typically remember birthdays, anniversaries and holidays but in our family, one date that is forever etched in stone is November 23, 1997 – the date we sold our cows and began the process of moving off from the farm. So while the farm hasn’t been part of my daily routine for the past 19 years, I’m forever grateful that I have still been able to be part of the ever-changing agriculture industry. This industry has taken me around the world, across the country and introduced me to people within my own state and community that truly love the industry as well.

Oftentimes I, and I assume others too at times, get consumed by the everyday mundane tasks of life. Facebook, cell phones, reality TV, celebrity gossip, materialistic this and that can sometimes take over the daily routine but it’s the times when I step away from my reality and back into the daily routine of a farm family when I am at my happiest. When I’m surrounded by hard-working people that love their cows, calves, cats, dogs and every animal on their farm as if they were their children – it’s at those moments when I feel most at home.image

Now I may spend my day behind my phone, email or computer (like I’m doing right now) but nothing makes me happier than seeing my favorite farmer light up when a new calf starts to walk for the first time. It’s the moment when you see the light in his eyes when he talks about a show animal from back in the day or the moment he takes an old cow and gives her a little extra TLC because she deserves it. It’s hopping into the tractor just to spend a little more time together and it’s just relaxing at the end of the day. It’s these moments that help you realize what really matters in life and it’s these moments that make all the others worth it.

It’s funny that I tried so hard to get away from farming and agriculture and now looking at my life, the greatest memories and times I have are the ones spent in Carhartts and boots with farmer friends all around as we’re surrounded by cows and corn fields. It’s those times that I cherish and those people who choose to share those times with me that mean the most. It may not be an easy life or profession but it certainly is a memorable one that is chosen because farm life requires a passion that never gets old.

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