The Family I’ve Chosen For Myself


Nieces and nephews are two things that don’t exist in my family and quite frankly, we’re okay with that (at least I think we are). But not to worry, I have the honor and privilege of being “Aunt Eileen” or “Miss Eileen” to so many of my friends children and because of this – I am blessed. I wish I could spend every waking day with each of you because I truly believe I learn more from you than you do from me. So this note today is for them, for the kids of my friends that have truly become family over the years.

To the “nieces” and “nephews” that I’ve chosen for myself, as a friend of your parents this is my promise to you:

  • I promise to be the other adult in your life that as you grow older you’ll realize that you’ll need.
  • I promise to show you that you’re good enough and that you should never be afraid to fail.
  • I promise to never stop playing alongside you until you’re too old for play dough, toy trucks and farm toys and even then I promise to let you have your space because you think you’re “too cool.”
  • I promise to be by your side when you need it, to be there when the negative things happen in life including heartbreak and loneliness.
  • I promise to always be in your corner, cheering you on at soccer games, football games, cheerleading, dance recitals, 4-H, FFA, school competitions – you name it, I’ll be there.
  • I promise to be there when you need a hug, a shoulder to cry on or just someone who understands those crazy parents of yours.
  • I promise to help you find happiness and understand the importance of the little things in life because you deserve nothing less.
  • I promise to help you realize that life is best spent by living it to the fullest.
  • I promise to leave you with hugs and kisses each time I leave your house.
  • I promise to cherish the moments we have together from these days when you’re young to those when you’re older and wiser.
  • I promise to be that “get-away” house when you become a teenager and need to simply be in a place that can be your
  • I promise to be the “cool” aunt that isn’t in the family tree.
  • I promise to never judge you and always listen to you with open ears and open arms.
  • I promise to always be a simple phone call away when life gets tough or when you want to share your exciting day with me.
  • And while I can’t promise that life will be perfect and easy, I will promise to love you unconditionally until the end of time because you are the light in my friends’ eyes and have become the family that I’ve chosen for myself.

2 thoughts on “The Family I’ve Chosen For Myself

  1. Wow!!! That made me cry, smile and laugh while I read that!!! My girls are so lucky to have you in their lives! (We are too!!) you are our “aunt eileenie” Lucy still talks about the best night ever when you guys did crafts together! This was so beautifully written! Thank you!


  2. Ms. Eileen, that was just what I needed this morning. Thank you for being a part of our lives and my children’s. Can’t wait for our next visit!!!! Xoxo


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